Roll-Up Door (HV-1460)

Roll-Up Door

Our Heavy Duty Rolling Doors are designed for safety, practicality and great appearance; built with high quality materials, they meet and exceed the very stringent High Velocity Hurricane Zones (H.V.H.Z) requirements of the 2007 edition of the Florida Building Codes, having been Engineered and tested in accordance with Protocols TAS 201, 202 & 203 on an Approved Laboratory.

Additionally, our Heavy Duty Rolling Doors meet and exceed the requirements from the Texas Department of Insurance (T.D.I.)with their 2008 amendments to the 2006 Editions of International Building Codes and International Residential Building Codes, as well as The State of Louisiana which, recently adapted Hurricane Resistant Building Codes based on the International Building Codes band International Residential Building Codes.

Because of the above indicated certifications, our Heavy Duty Rolling Doors are Impact Resistant (Large Missile shot at 50’ feet per second) and also are rated for Hurricane Wind Load Pressures of ± 70.0 p.s.f

Certificates: IDA, Miami Dade, Waterproof, Community Affairs


  • Curtain: A series of interlocking 20 or 22 gauge galvanized steel flat slats fitted with windlocks, designed to meet required wind loads. A variety of finishes available include: galvanized steel, white, powder-coated paint, aluminum mill and stainless steel.
  • Hood: Protective sheet metal (24 gauge steel galvanized) enclosure for the curtain
  • Counterbalance Shaft: Supports curtain and contains counterbalance torsion springs or band spring for assisting operation. Designed at 10,000 cycles, with the option up to 100,000 cycles for higher requirements.
  • Brackets: 3/16” or 1/4” steel plates to support the hood and counterbalance shaft.
  • Guides: Three-angle structural steel guides that support entire door weight and wind loads, while ensuring a smooth operation while opening and closing the door.
  • Bottom Bar: Two galvanized steel angles with a protective weather-strip enforces the curtain and contains the locking mechanisms.


  • Our doors are laboratory tested and certified by the State of Florida to withstand high velocity hurricane winds and impact from debris. (Wind load designs up to ± 70 P.S.F.).
  • Provides reliable protection against robbery and vandalism, offering a high range of locking mechanisms.
  • Each door is custom built to exact opening size requirements and applications.
  • Convenient space saving design: door coils upward without taking away useable space.
  • Pedestrian pass-thru doors also available.
  • Low to no-maintenance costs! Parts are built for heavy duty use and are tested to perform in the toughest environments.
  • Ideal for warehouses, loading docks, stores, and many other types of buildings.