Aluminum Grille Door


Security Grilles are excellent to safeguard your property, while keeping it visually exposed.


Our Aluminum Security grilles are strong, durable and attractive. They are excellent to safeguard exterior and interior areas in every type of location. Its see-through design allows free circulation of air and a free visual without compromising security.


  • Curtain: A series of horizontal galvanized steel rods, spaced with aluminum tubes and interconnected with aluminum links.
  • Hood: Protective sheet metal (24 gauge steel galvanized) enclosure for the curtain
  • Counterbalance Shaft: Supports curtain and contains counterbalance torsion springs or band spring for assisting operation. Designed at 10,000 cycles, with the option up to 100,000 cycles for higher requirements.
  • Brackets: 3/16” or 1/4” steel plates to support the hood and counterbalance shaft.
  • Guides: Roll-formed steel guides that support entire door weight and wind loads, while ensuring a smooth operation while opening and closing the door.
  • Bottom Bar: One galvanized steel angle and one aluminum angle enforces the curtain and contains the locking mechanisms.

Certificates: IDA, Miami Dade, Waterproof, Community Affairs


  • See-through design for full viewing of the area being protected. Allowing customer to turn a storefront into a product showcase while maintaining the safety barrier that our grilles provide.
  • Provides reliable protection against robbery and vandalism. Offering you a high range of locking mechanisms.
  • Each door is custom built to exact opening size requirements and applications.
  • Low to no-maintenance costs! Parts are built for heavy duty use.
  • Convenient space saving design: door coils upward without taking away useable space.
  • Commonly used in malls, shopping centers, storefronts, parking lots, banks, airports, stadiums, hospitals and schools.