Residential Garage Door

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  • Our Residential Garage Doors line offers rolling doors or sectional doors for your home. Provide an attractive and modern appearance.

    Built with durable steel materials and high quality powder-coated paint finish, provides a great look with reliable protection against Hurricane whit a space saving desing.

    As Residential Sectional Doors we can offer you a high variety of different models and colors. Catalogs are available upon request.

    • Curtain:
    • Hood:
    • Counterbalance Shaft:
    • Brackets:
    • Guides:
    • Bottom Bar:
    • Protects your family, belongings, and the structure of your home from the risk of hurricane speed wind loads. The door is approved and tested by the state of Florida.
    • An uncluttered garage. The residential ROLLING door has an space saving design. It opens and closes in its own box. The small box allows you to keep a clean and uncluttered space. No railings or cables going up your ceiling, just a clean pleas¬¨ing area.
    • High quality at a great value. The steel materials have a galvanized coating and high quality powder-coated paint finish. Colors: Standard finish is white or galvanized, but any color can be painted to match. Color chart available upon request.
    • Our quality control procedures are NAMI quality certified. We offer class leading design and efficiency.
    • Our doors are backed by a one year warranty.
    • We provide direct support and customer service.
    • Our doors are laboratory tested and certified by the State of Florida to withstand high velocity winds (up to 150 M.P.H., 3-sec gusts) and impact from debris with a pressure rating of up to 70 P.S.F. (Pounds per Square Foot)
  • Certificates: IDA, Miami Dade, Waterproof, Community Affairs